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About Moneta Institute

The mission of Moneta Institute is to provide independent, objective, educational services designed to add value and improve Tribal operations and ultimately to help Tribes with their mission. Moneta Institute helps the Tribe and its enterprises accomplish its objective by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating and helping improve the effectiveness of risk management, audit preparation, and governance.

Meet the Team

Melissa Meza | President

Melissa has the desire to inspire Indigenous people to live a good life, to be educated, treated with respect, and show the next generation that any dream is obtainable.

Ernie Vargas | Instructor

Ernie has 25 years of experience building up and empowering Tribal Communities by developing programs designed to strengthen families and help remove social and economic barriers in Tribal Communities.

Jason C. Porter, Ph.D | Course Creator

Jason Porter, Ph.D, is an award winning Scholarly Professor of Accounting at WSU with over 15 years of teaching experience in the accounting field.

Vina Little Owl | Instructor

Vina Little Owl has over 15 years of financial experience and has a unique and respectable understanding for business in the 21st century, traditional values, and heritage of our American Indian Nations.

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